Surfer Shiny Yellow

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The Surfer Sandal is your classic two strap Jesus sandal. The adjustable toe buckle and ankle strap makes it the best all-rounder for both wide feet and narrow feet. The entire Sun-San Sandal range comes on a super comfortable spongy urethane sof sole with rust proof buckles. The Surfer can be worn as a water sandal and handwashed with a gentle detergent. The Surfer comes in several lovely colours, and a range of finishes including shiny patent and metallic sandals. The Surfer in shiny yellow is one of the most popular sandals in the Sun-San range. A fabulous vibrant yellow in our shiny patent finish.
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Your quintessential classic sandal. Adjustable buckle toe & ankle straps on a urethane sole. The best all round sandal for any shape foot.


"The Sun-San Surfer is your classic and very cute two strap Jesus sandal for kids."