Retro Brown

Originally sold in the USA in the 1970's, the Retro sandal is another archive iconic sandal model that Salt-Water Sandals are relaunching 40 years later in an array of excited colours. As with all of our sandals, the Retro is 100% waterproof leather with rust proof buckles and can be hand washed using warm water and a gentle detergent. This beautiful woven sandal is available in a range of metallics to core colours. The Retro sandal in Brown is the ultimate everyday sandal. Available in youth and adult sizes. All children sizes are made with a velcro fastening under a faux buckle across the ankle strap for day to day ease.
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Info & Care


The Retro has a narrower fit than the Salt-Water Original. As with all of our sandals the leather will 'give' naturally over time and can be worn in water to help speed up the process but we do not recommend for a wide foot. As with all sandals in the Salt-Water range we suggest that your toes sit behind the stitch line. 


"Originally sold in the USA in the 1970’s and relaunched 40 years later, the retro nod is given with it's cool woven detail and authentic sandal stylings."