Strapwee Shiny Pink

Meet our starter sandal - the Strapwee - available only in the smallest toddler sizes and complete with plaited front and ankle strap. The entire Sun-San range is 100% waterproof, comes on a super spongy urethane sole and has our signature rust proof buckles. The Strapwee in a soft pale pink is part of our premium range and comes in a lovely shiny finish. A very pretty summer sandal for toddler girls. All children sizes are made with a velcro fastening under a faux buckle across the ankle strap for day to day ease.
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شكّل نسخة مصغّرة من طراز Strappy. يتميّز برباط عند الكاحل قابل للتعديل ورباط لأصابع القدمين مجدول ومرن. 


"يمتاز صندل الأطفال هذا بمقاومته الشديدة للاهتراء ويتفرد بتصميم مزودٍ بأربطةٍ مجدولةٍ وأربطة داعمةٍ لمنطقة الكاحل."